My ex boss just called and asked for my help.
The customer from Chile will be back to Taiwan around April 20th.
Boss Chan wants me to attend the meeting with them.
Although I’m not working in the company, I was the only person who know about the business connection between these two companies.
The customer mainly “still" complaining about there’s a huge differences of the amount of quotation and the amount of actual shipment. I don’t know why he’s still complaining about this fxxking problem. During the meeting in Taiwan last year, we already told him that our stock and actual quantity will be different, so after we figure out the quantity of each item we’ll ship them ASAP. He agreed with this point.
Moreover, he only paid about 70% payment in check, and still have 30% unpaid. I don’t understand why he’s so fxxking angry about the problem. It’s not like we owe them payment.
He’s just complaining about this problem all the time. It makes me feel he’s an fxxing jerk.
I really wanna know what he’s going to explain about his stupid problems about unpaid problem!

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